Insight - The new name for the Blind Game / by Dan Andre

So the game that recently I've been referring to as The Blind Game has been without a title for the last year and a half, mainly because I was having trouble coming up with the right name. I thought I'd come up with something when I made a story for the game. But as of yet, I've focused more on mechanics and gameplay rather than the story.

As I was falling asleep (A time when many ideas come to me. which is why I have so much trouble waking up early) the name came to me. Insight.

It has a double meaning. In- is a negative prefix on many words in the english language, ie Indelible, ineffable, indestructable. Given that this game takes away the player's sight, I thought in that sense the title makes sense,

It also represents how the game gives players without visual disabilities insight into how it feels to try to navigate the world without sight. While I cannot say that this game fully recreates the experience of blindness, it does it's best to simulate some aspects of that experience, while also allowing the player to imagine interesting scenarios using sound to invoke ambiance, to imagine these adventures for themselves. After all, as nice as the GTX 1080 or a Titan X is, the most powerful GPU in the world is the human mind.

Anyway, this is just a quick update about the game, now that it finally has a title. I'm currently in a testing phase for V0.1, and I'm starting to conceptualize the next level I want to add.  I'll continue to post updates here as the game progresses.