Ball on a Stick: Official Teaser Trailer / by Dan Andre

This is the first trailer for Ball on a Stick

I plan to make more, including a gameplay trailer in the next few weeks

The past week has been dedicated to testing whenever I could get people who were willing to test. Overall, there have been very few bugs which is rather exciting. Of course, given how simple the game is in general, this should be expected. It follows that classic Nintendo hardware philosophy, it has few complicated parts, making it very inheriently robust.

At this point, we are just testing on a broad range of hardware to figure out what devices and versions of Android work the best, so far it has worked on all but one device.

In the meantime, we have been fixing the bugs we've found through testing, and we also implemented some new things, including some new balancing for gameplay to make stick control feel slightly more comfortable, as well as making the game save the player's choices in the options, as well as their best times, so now each time the player turns on the game, it loads their records so they can pick up right where they left off.

I'm feeling good about the pace of development right now. I'll continue to update as development continues.