June Update / by Dan Andre

So I tried to post this a few days ago, but computer problems conspired against me

I just wanted to update the progress of my different projects here, more than anything just to organize my own thoughts.

The big project that has been taking center stage for the last month or so has been Ball on a Stick. We are within our anticipated launch window, and we are now just making some of the most important final touches on the project with the hope of having a Gold launch candidate ready very soon.  As noted on the Unity Forums, we had a minor hangup earlier this week involving the integration of the Google Play Game Services asset pack, which ended up making the project completely unbuildable. With the help of programmer extrodinaire and old Rat Boy friend Laurence, we were able to get the package integrated, and now the services should work (though, at the time of writing, basically none of the stuff from the package that we wanted to use...works the way we want it to in game. But thats more on us than it is on the package I suspect)

We hope in the next week to get Google Admob online, which will require importing another Google Asset pack (hopefully with a little less pain than the last asset pack), as well as polishing up some existing features such as some special new graphics for when the player sets a new record, and a revamp of our currency system, which will now allow the player to unlock new balls by buying them with in-game currency.

But this is not the only project I am currently working on.

My currently untitled game for the visually impaired has been quiet for the last few months as Ball on a Stick jumped forward into the spotlight, but I am definitely not done with that game. The main reason I wanted to take some time with Ball on a Stick this year was to help Danielle learn the ropes of Unity a bit. This means now she can help me a bit more with the blind game.

The other reason we took up that project was because during the winter I couldn't record the sounds I need to finish the blind game. I need a few more sound effects, and since I don't have access to a Foley studio, I have to make due with what I have, and that requires the weather to cooperate with me, which in a Pennsylvania winter is not something it ever wants to do. I can only really record when it's warm out then, and it took until about a week ago for winter to finally end.

So now, I can get back to where I was with sound recording. Of course, now I have more sounds to record than those just for this project. I now have those of course for Ball on a Stick, and a new collaboration

One of my other friends and The Rat Boy projects AI specialist, Joe Rines, has asked for my help for sound recording for his new Beat 'em up title that he's working on, and I happily obliged. I will be adding some sounds he wants to my recording schedule with the hope of letting him have the best sounding Beat-em up we've seen since Streets of Rage.

So with all that being said, I need to go out and try to record some sounds now. We'll see how that goes. I'll keep the blog posted with the latest updates on all of these projects. Expect to hear more about Ball on a Stick soon!