8/25/16 Update / by Dan Andre

So as we reach the end of August, work continues on the Blind Game.

Over the last few weeks (as previously noted) I've been spending time optimising the code to streamline the process of developing the actual game once that starts. In the meantime, sound recording has remained mostly at a standstill. I decided on an SM57 microphone for my external recording mic, and spend most of the week waiting for that to arrive. Now I need to get my hands on a sufficient XLR cable and setup a waterproof system of recording for long term, overnight recordings. While waiting for that, the next goal is to set up for some more regular recordings, like for additional sounds for the game.  Part of this requires me to nail down more details of the story so I can know exactly what some of the puzzle objects will be. To that end, I've been discussing ideas with my friend Dylan, who has given me some good ideas so far. I just need to condense those ideas into a functioning story to give the game a sense of direction.

Speaking of stories, I've started on writing a treatment on what could become my next project. A treatment is basically the beginnings of a story. It's sorta like a synopsis, but more detailed, but less detailed than an actual script. All of the games I've made so far have been much more centered on gameplay than narrative. But the kind of games I really want to make are narratively driven games. I love both kinds, but I believe games represent the ultimate vehicle for storytelling, when used correctly. Ball on a Stick was my attempt to crank back the ambition knob a little in an attempt to make something more "realistic" in terms of scope given our limited resources. While that was helpful to let me see my limits, I also feel that I want to accomplish something that feels more substantial, and closer to the kind of games I truely enjoy the most. Ball on a Stick was my attempt at a genre I don't really like too much. I want my next project to be my attempt at one of my favorite genres.

On the subject of Ball on a Stick, while I am mostly putting that game aside so I can focus on finishing Blind game, I am still considering expanding on the platforms it is available on. I've looked into Amazon's store, as well as finding a way to get the game on the cost prohibitively expensive iOS platform. Someone also recommended a web browser version, which I haven't completely eliminated from the realm of possibility.

For now though, I'm gonna focus on the Blind game