Ball on a Stick: Official 1.0 Release! / by Dan Andre

Official Launch Trailer:

Download Link:

I'm proud to announce that Ball on a Stick is now available on the Google Play Store!

This has been the culmination of a lot of hard work. You wouldn't expect that from a game as simple as this one is, but there were a lot of unexpected hangups on this project. But we worked though them, and now the game is finally done.

I'm really proud of Danielle for making through this process. I feel like this project succeeded in building her confidence as a developer, and now we are ready to move on to bigger and better things. When we started this project, she had never worked with the Unity workflow before, and it was rather overwhelming for her. But now I feel like she knows her way around and has learned a ton the way I did when I finished Rat Boy. On future projects, I feel confident that I could tell her I needed something done in Unity, and she could do it.

I have also learned a ton from this project as well. I was expecting a project this simple to feel like an easy refresher course or something, but I ended up instead challenging myself which taught me a ton of things about programming and design. I felt confident enough in the simplicity of this project that I could experiment with some ideas I had, that ended up working out amazingly. These new techniques have made their way into The Blind game (which I haven't forgotten about) and will likely help me on other projects in the future. All the games I've ever made have done that for me, and Ball on a Stick is no exception.

I also have to shout out other people who helped make this possible. Of course Laurence once again lended a hand whenever I was in over my head, and we spent a very stressful E3 weekend trying to fix some Google Play Game Services issues that ended up getting cut from the game anyway. He knows I will always appreciate his support.

Our friends and family in general have really helped us with the testing of the game as well. They gave us a ton of great insights that helped shape the game.

We will be busy promoting the game all weekend, we hope you download it and enjoy it!